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How to Stop Farting: Dietary Factors

There are many things that you can do to help restore a healthy balance in your digestive tract, and you will find that the food you eat or avoid can actually play a large role in your intestinal health.

Cut out any fruits that contain high amounts of sugar, such as exotic fruits. Eat citrus fruits to obtain your daily vitamin C requirements, but avoid very sweet fruits. Sugary fruits often compound any infections in your intestinal tract, and may make your problem worse if you don’t avoid them until your digestive system has reestablished a proper balance.

Consume more fiber daily, though increase your daily fiber intake slowly. Eating too much fiber too fast can cause an imbalance in your intestines, but you should increase the amount of vegetables and whole grains you eat every day.

Avoid fizzy drinks, sodas, and anything carbonated. These drinks tend to be full of sugar, which contributes to your intestinal imbalances. The carbonation in the drinks also fill your stomach with gas, so cutting out these drinks can be a great way to stop flatulence.

When you eat both starch and protein in the same meal, it can be hard for your body to absorb. If you want to know how to stop flatulence, you may find that eating one or the other at each meal can make it easy for your body to digest these foods.

Cultured vegetables are a unique food type that can be a source of beneficial bacteria to help restore a balance in your stomach. Foods like Japanese nato or Miso soup and Koren kimchi can help your digestive system to have a healthy balance once more.


How to Stop Farting: Lifestyle

Many of the factors in your life are contributing to your digestive tract imbalance, and you will find that making a few changes in your life can help to restore proper gastrointestinal health:

Reduce the levels of stress in your life. The hormones manufactured by the body when you are stressed have a negative effect on your body, so reducing stress is essential.

Exercise can help to regulate all of the internal functions of your body, including your digestive system.

Avoid chewing gum, as that can cause you to swallow air.

Avoid overeating, as eating too much can cause a buildup of gases in your stomach that will compound flatulence.

Avoid drinking from a straw, as that also causes you to suck in air when you drink.

Use activated charcoal tablets to help relieve some of the gas buildup and reduce your problems with flatulence.



How to Stop Farting

Knowing what farts are and what causes them, we can easily find solutions to reduce the amount of flatulences we produce daily and also their odor. These remedies to smelly farting, or to prevent farting, range from dietary changes to pharmacological help. Some of them being very simple changes to reduce the amount of gas produced and some of them require radical lifestyle changes. However, it is always up to you to experiment with these solution and chose the one that fits best to your life style. Here, we will discuss and explain changes that you can make to stop farting. Basically, it is all about helping your digestive system.


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